Sunday, March 13, 2011

Detox Foot Spa - Does It Work?

The Detox Foot Spa really does sound unbelievable, I mean is it really possible to be able to sit in your favorite chair, with your feet in warm salt water, and cleanse your whole body of all toxins? Many, many people believe this when they purchase and use a detox foot spa.
Aqua Detox Foot Spas are being billed as an easy and convenient method of detoxings your whole body from the comfort of your lounge chair, in a safe and non-invasive way.
So, how do these Foot Detox Baths work? Well first off, the method here is to place your feet inside the footbath, containing a couple od inches of warm salt water, and relax. The mechanism in the bath causes an electrical charge to be passed through the water(its only very mild, so I’m told) creating positive ions. These positive ions attract the negative ions in the toxins, and draw them through the soles of your feet and into the water, causing a balance of energy within your body after the toxins have been released.

Foot Bath

One of the focuses of reflexology is the feet. Reflexologists believe that there are points in the feet which attach directly to the major organs of the body and by manipulating these points, medicinal benefits can be achieved. The same sort of thinking is going on withFoot Detox. The makers of the Detox Foot Spa are saying there are a couple thousand pores at the bottom of your feet through which the toxins can pass. Moreover, because the feet are furthest away from your heart, they are a natural gathering place for toxins.

Detox Foot Spa

How do you know it’s working? The visual impact is quite stunning. The time limit to have your feet immersed in the water is about 30 minutes. Over that time the water gradually turns brown. It looks fairly dramatic. The water turns really muddy. Watch the video down below you don't believe me.

Detox is all the rage nowadays. Some has serious implications such as Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox. People want to get healthy and stay healthy, we can all relate to that. Our lives are speeding past so quickly, it's nice to think that we can have some real benefits from relaxing with your feet soaking in warm water, maybe while sipping a glass of wine. Yes I know, but don't worry the toxins will be taken out of your body.

You have two fantastic organs within your body that police toxins over a sustained period of time, in the very controlled way. So, do we really need the help of outside appliances? And, if these appliances really work, is it healthy to shift so many toxins so quickly?

There has been lots of negative press following these Foot Detox Spas, and other Foot Detox problems such as the Foot Detox Pad.

Unfortunately, many people today want a quick fix solution to problems that they have brought on themselves by bad diet and lack of exercise. There is no substitution for these things. Remember the old saying you are and what you eat.